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Heros CarpetClean Blackburn are experts at cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery throughout Blackburn, the company provides an efficient and professional cleaning service that includes cleaning carpets in your home or business. In fact, we have over 5000, local residential customers and over 300 commercial clients who choose us to clean their carpets on a regular basis. Add the one-off carpet cleaning and that is a lot of carpet cleaning in Blackburn that we carry out! We are confident that we clean more carpets than all of our local competitors in the town put together. The reason for this is that customers love our no-nonsense approach to carpet cleaning. We do exactly what we claim we can do and do it in a timely and economical manner.

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All types of stains can be removed from your sofas or carpets during cleaning and satisfaction is always guaranteed. Our carpet cleaning operators use top of the range Prochem machines that work alongside child and pet safe products to clean your carpet without any hazards to your health or to the environment. We have a great record when it comes to the environmental aspects of our company. We always dispose of dirty carpet or rug water safely after cleaning and in a planet-friendly way and all solutions are safe to skin and human contact. Where possible, we use the latest modern solutions that help break down the dirt but are non-detergent based so that the soil, oil and dirt get broken down but the after residue you get from older cheaper products is not left in the carpet after cleaning, thus giving you a fresher cleaner carpet for longer!

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Our super fast, affordable and efficient floor cleaning service can be booked in over the phone, with a price that gives you the best value for money cleaning service in Blackburn! Affordability is important in these troubling times and that is something we always try to offer. Many of our online reviews refer to us being “value for money” and that is the main reason why they keep on returning to Heros Carpet Clean Blackburn year after year. The deep cleaning of carpets has been proven to have health benefits and helps keep bacteria and allergens at bay. A dirty carpet holds many thousands of microscopic dirt, dust, germs and insects. They can all cause or irritate diseases like asthma and skin allergies. If you could see what lurks deep into your carpet pile, you would not let your child crawl on the surface and if you have pets it’s even more important that you have your carpet cleaning carried out regularly.

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If you have not had your carpets cleaned for a while in Blackburn, you may be surprised in the advance of technology that we can use to revitalise your tired looking carpet flooring and furnishings. Clients are always amazed at the size and power of our machines. They are that powerful that we can often leave them outside or in the van while cleaning and we can still clean the carpets better than any other carpet! In a lot of cases, we can just bring in 2 hoses, carpet cleaning wand and an upholstery cleaning hand tool. Add a small bag of solutions and brushes and that is all we need to do a fantastic job.

We are at the forefront of using the most modern cleaning equipment in the Blackburn area. Our machines are fitted with powerful twin vacuum motors that extract the wastewater into a purpose-built tank. The wastewater a byproduct of the cleaning solutions we spray on the stains and traffic lane areas of the carpet, combined with hot water sprayed out of the carpet wand attached to the cleaning machine.

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Our vehicles are designed in such an ergonomic way that they can fit our cleaners inside, including all of the modern equipment needed for both domestic and commercial work. We have on-board, a main machine and usually a back-up machine or a lighter slimline carpet cleaning machine to reach 3rd floors or attic rooms. Other pieces of equipment are hoses, cleaning wands and hand tools for rugs that fit onto the cleaning machine.


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Car Seats & Mats

Vehicle carpets, mats and upholstery can be cleaned. Ground in dirt, dust and spillages can be removed from seat fabric, leaving a fresh fragrance

One Off Cleans

Homes sometimes need a spruce up or even a deep clean. It could be a moving clean, a spring clean or end of tenancy clean! Call for a quotation


We can provide a commercial carpet cleaning service for local business owners like nursing homes, schools, offices and government buildings

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Price is always important. That's why we promise to make carpet cleaning in Blackburn affordable and with no hidden charges either

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2 rooms carpet cleaned for just £79!

We always have special offers on for carpets or upholstery cleaning in Blackburn. We currently have quite a few discounted deals on, including, a 1 room deal for just £55 and also a 2 room offer for only £79. Please feel free to ask us when you call, if we have any offers on currently, because we always try to make our services as affordable as possible and our cleaners will always give the best possible clean for the best possible price! We can even clean carpets in a full house at affordable rates.

If you need a price for carpet cleaning that is not listed on our site, then please feel free to call and ask! We are a friendly bunch at Heros Carpet Clean Blackburn and will guide you through our prices over the phone. At certain times of the year, we have special offers on so be sure to check back regularly to not miss a great deal for cleaning your carpets!

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One of the most common questions we receive before, during and after a carpet or rug clean is ‘how long will the take to dry‘… Well, that depends on a number of factors about your carpets but you are normally looking at 2 to 3 hours. We can speed up the process with our specialist air dryers that are designed for this particular job.

Customers will also worry about carpets or upholstery being left too wet after cleaning. Your floor will be left only slightly damp and as much moisture as possible is extracted out before leaving your home. We will often get customers to feel the carpet fibres after cleaning and they are always , massively surprised at how much dryer the carpet is after cleaning than they thought it would be. A lot of this is the technique and expertise of our operators. No carpet cleaner is equal and our technicians are vastly superior to the average competition, in that they are trained to clean carpets, not only safely but in a manner that draws out more moisture, leaving the carpet dryer for the customer. This means that you can walk on the carpets much faster and move furniture back into its original place sooner as well.

Upholstery will take a little longer to dry and will be dry, usually in about 5 to 6 hours after cleaning. This is because upholstery in your sofa, suite, settee, couch or chair is usually made up of more complicated fibres than the average carpet. There is also usually more of a blend of natural fibres in your upholstery so drying takes longer. We can help with you upholstered seating to give it a drying boost bu using specially modified air dryers that rapidly move air across the fabric, thus aiding the drying process which means you can sit down sooner on your sofa!

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Some companies in Blackburn and surrounding areas will give out false expectations of drying times to entice you into a booking! We believe in that good old saying of ‘honesty is always the best policy!’

We use dry air pods when cleaning carpets if needed and air movers for sofas and armchairs. The main traffic lane areas will take a little longer to dry but if we have a few rooms to clean, the first room carpet is often almost dry by the time we have finished.