Contract Cleaning

contract cleaning

contract cleaning

Here we discuss contract cleaning:

To deliver the professional results your customers expect, you need the right assortment of high-quality cleaning tools. Save time and money by using the complete Cleaning System and do not cut corners!

Here are the details of the service you can expect from our external contractors. Cleaning frequency varies – it is carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly, according to the property type and individual property service level agreements. For windows over two metres in height, a ‘reach and wash’ system, or a similar window cleaning system, must be used.


• Clean glazed elements of windows Window frames and sills

• Damp wipe all UPVC, timber and metal finish surfaces

• Dry-wipe to finish (ground floor windows only) External doors or canopies and posts

• Damp wipe all UPVC external doors and metal finish surfaces, including the underside of canopies.

• Thoroughly remove all debris or dirt from external entrance space.

• For any windows above canopies or roofs, clean as far as the ‘reach and wash’ the system allows in line with any risk assessment. Vandalism, damage or defects

• Report any damage where possible.

Each customer is unique with different needs and requirements. Despite the differences, all buildings demand the same high level of professional care. We understand the need to cater to varying requirements and with our wealth of experience, we can offer a service tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you choose a complete service providing caretakers, cleaners, audits and advice, or just individual elements or specialist cleaning, we will ensure we use the right blend of skills and expertise to suit your establishment.

Supply of COSHH and risk assessed cleaning materials, equipment and supplies.

• High standard of general cleaning including: waste collection and recycling, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, furniture and carpet cleaning, litter removal and sanitary disposal.

• Specialist cleaning solutions including curtain and blind cleaning, wooden floor treatments, exterior window cleaning, high-level cleaning, chewing gum, poster and graffiti removal, specialist floor cleaning and pest removal.

Fully trained competent staff.

• Audits and satisfaction surveys to ensure service standards continue to meet your needs.

• Advice and guidance on technical aspects of cleaning procedures and practices.

We are committed to providing professional and comprehensive support to our customers. We will provide a proficient, motivated and effective workforce to deliver high standards of cleaning and hygiene at your site. Above all, we aim to ensure your establishment is clean and fit for purpose all year round.

Benefits to your school:

A site that is maintained and fit for purpose throughout the year.

Dedicated locally based management team, ensuring regular contact and quick response in case of emergencies.

Assurance that high standards will continue to be met with ISO 9001 (quality management) and OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) accreditations.

Full COSHH and risk assessed chemicals and procedures, ensuring health and safety compliance at all times.

Support from a team with a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry.

In house training available to ensure cleaning staff maintain a professional, reliable and consistent service, in line with relevant health and safety regulations.

Support from dedicated specialists, trained and experienced to ensure any problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Regular audits and satisfaction surveys aimed at maintaining and improving service standards.

The Employer seeks to maintain a high standard and quality of contract cleaning services to its various Schemes. The Works described in this specification are to be executed by the Contractor in a manner that enhances the Employer’s reputation for the cleanliness of its Schemes. The Contractor must carry out the Work adopting the best cleaning practice including rigorous standards of discipline, cleanliness and tidiness.

The provisions contained within this Contract Cleaning Services Specification shall be complied with by the Contractor in undertaking the tasks as summarised within the individual scheme Pricing Schedules, and the Contractor’s tender shall be deemed to include for all such costs as may arise through compliance with this Cleaning Services Specification. Should any Optional Tasks be instructed to be carried out by the Contract Administrator then the Contractor’s tendered rates for such Optional Tasks shall be deemed to allow for full compliance with this Cleaning Services Specification.

The Contractor should note that the Tasks as described in this Specification and also in the Routine Cleaning Frequency Schedule are to be read in conjunction with each other. The Routine Cleaning Frequency Schedule identifies the Tasks to be carried out and the relevant frequency and the contractor’s tender shall include for undertaking all such Tasks at the frequencies indicated.

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