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Cаrреt Clеаnіng Services In LancashireAbout what we do!

As a premier carpet cleaner in Lancashire, we go out of our way to please our clients! A little info on ourselves is that we are a small company of 3 carpet cleaners, serving the lovely County of Lancashire. Established over 10 years ago, the company has been a local employer and business servicing both residential and industrial clients to a very high standard.

The company is at the forefront of removing and treating germs in domestic home carpets! This also means that you will not have bacteria content increase in your carpets or rugs at your property. Therefore you will enjoy a life free of asthmatic conditions caused by dampness and dusty conditions. There will always be a pleasant smell in your room, and the scent will always impress. Our staff are used to doing the cleaning, and through experience, they have known how to do the cleaning thoroughly and correctly. Always ask the experts to do it properly, and you will still enjoy all the benefits of living in a cleanroom.

Another aspect that makes us different is the environmental concerns and actions we take to make the planet a better place! We always make sure carpets, rugs and upholstery are totally clean, yet PH neutral and free form harsh chemicals. We also try to save water where we can and recycle if possible.

Our staff are also fully trained and experts at using our state of the art machinery! Our powerful carpet cleaners will extract dirty water that has been injected deep into the carpet pile fibres at the same time, leaving you a dryer carpet after cleaning.

Your Local Cleaners

The carpet & rug cleaning industry is not officially regulated like many other industries and we try to put our company in a good light and treat all customers fairly because of this. The main problem with the industry is that any person off the street in Lancashire can set up a carpet cleaning company! Always ask for proof of training and you need to see at least one recent certificate of training. Don’t be afraid to call the caret cleaning training company to validate that the certificate is genuine!

There are many issues with hiring a cowboy or bogus carpet cleaner! They can easily damage your carpet, furnishings or sentimental possessions. Carpets can shrink or change colour if cleaned incorrectly and these fake companies are often uninsured! This is why it is vital that you use a company like us who are insured for up to 2 million and have all the relevant training and experience.